Arizona Tile App Reviews

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Fantastic Concepts but crashing constantly

I have used this app for over a year and when working well the features and user interface are awesome. That said the app is extremely prone to crashing which today makes it unusable. Please fix!!!

Hope the quality of tile is better than their App... First impressions are everything

If a company fails at something as simple as an App that works, I doubt that their products are any good.


First it crashes every other minute then when you finally map out your area it doesn't allow you to actually enter the product you spent an hour mapping out!

Visualizer very buggy

App is a great concept but poorly written. It's a good an easy way to see products but on the visualizer mode you click the buttons and sometimes it works, more often it doesn't. It also says to click and hold a point defining an area to move it. Well you can't. When you click and hold, the iPad "copy/define" option comes up and the entire photo turns blue like it's been selected. Frustrating.


Would be nice if I knew how to use the image points on an iPad. Can't utilize the tools on an iPad.

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